VENUE TECHNICIAN                               2015 - JUNE 2017                                         Q Theatre

VENUE TECHNICIAN                               2016 - JUNE 2017                                    ASB Waterfront Theatre

TOUR TECH / ASM                            MARCH 2017, The 13 Storey Treehouse, CDP Theatre Producers, Verious Venues

LIGHTING DESIGNER                      MARCH 2017, Fabricate, Fabricate Collective, Verious Venues

LIGHTING DESIGNER                FEBRUARY 2017, Fringe Festival, Q Loft

LIGHTING DESIGNER                FEBRUARY 2017, As You Like It, Summer Shakesapre, Outdoors

TOUR TECH / ASM                 SEPTEMBER 2017, The Gruffalo, CDP Theatre Producers, Verious Venues

LIGHTING DESIGN / OPERATOR AUGUST 2016, SEPTEMBER 2015, Sister ANZAC, Stark Theatre, Variuos Venues

LIGHTING DESIGNER                      AUGUST 2016, Leilani, Mahuika Theatre Company, Q Loft

LIGHTING DESIGN / OPERATOR      JUNE 2016, Undisciplining Dance Symposium, University of Auckland, KMC Centre

FESTIVAL OPERATOR                            MAY 2015 & May 2016, NZ International Comedy Festival, The Basement Studio

FESTIVAL CREW                               MARCH 2016, Auckland Arts Festival, Various Venues

PERFORMANCE OPERATOR     FEBRUARY 2016, Defending the J.J. Mac, Last Tapes, The Basement Theatre

LIGHTING DESIGNER / OPERATOR NOVEMBER 2015, Tiny Deaths, Smoke and Labour Productions, The Basement Studio

LIGHTING DESIGNER               NOVEMBER 2015, 2063, Unitec, Q Loft

LIGHTING DESIGNER / OPERATOR SEPTEMBER 2015, The Black, Josephine Stewart, The Basement Studio

LIGHTING DESIGN ASSISTANT    AUGUST 2015, Lumina, New Zealand Dance Company, The Maidment Theatre

FOLLOW SPOT SWING              DECEMBER 2014, Jesus Christ Superstar, Auckland Theatre Company, Q Rangatira


UNITEC; AUCKLAND, NZ – Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, Majoring in Production Design and Management